Wanna Jam?

Believe it or not... the thought of making chia pudding used to intimidate me! For some reason I could never get the ratio correctly and my chia pudding turned into chia mylk. Now Chia puddings are one of our favourite things to make! Especially when we get creative with them.



We keep creating smoothie bowls, smoothies, nicecream bowls, juices, and raw treats that remind us of the ocean! Me and Sam keep telling ourselves that our subconscious is hinting to us that we need to go somewhere hot... again (hehe). We haven't had much of a summer this year (any fellow Ontarians feel our pain?) so we are desperately trying to recreate those summer vibes through food! You can call it soul food.... Here are our "Waves" inspired bars 🙂

Let’s Taco Bout Us Baby

The one thing that is comparable to our love of pizza... is our love of tacos. There are sooo many ways you can make tacos, you can get really creative with your recipes and presentation. They are also INSANELY delicious... which is probably the most important part. We wanted to taste the rainbow tonight so we created these multicoloured cauliflower, pesto, beet tacos! They were just as delicious, as they were colourful.